Joomla! 1.0.1 Stability Release now available

joomla_1.1Joomla! 1.0.1 is now available on the forge for download here.

This is a Stability Release, which means it does not have any new features, it only contains fixes, to bugs discovered in the 1.0.0 release.

1.0.1 is available as a Full distribution, which contains all Joomla! files and a Patch distribution which contains only the files that have been changed by the Stability work conducted.

Upgrade Instructions
To update from Joomla! 1.0.0, all you have to do is simply overwrite your files with either the Full Package distribution, or the Patch Package distribution. Conversion Instructions
For those converting from Mambo please read the instructions these Migration instructions.

Thank you to the community for their assistance in helping us mae Joomla 1.0.x more stable and our apologies for missing the target release time.

Rey Gigataras [stingrey]
Joomla! Software Coding and Design
Stability Team Leader

1.0.1 Changelog

-------------------- 1.0.1 Released ----------------------

21-Sep-2005 Rey Gigataras
# Fixed artf1157 : Section module: Content not displayed, wrong header
# Fixed artf1159 : Can't cancel "Submit - Content" menu item type form
# Fixed artf1172 : "Help" link in Administration links to
# Fixed artf1171 : mod_related_items shows all items twice
# Fixed artf1167 : Component - Search
# Fixed [RC] incorrect redirect when cancelling from Frontend 'Submit - Content'
# Fixed undefined variable in Trash Manager
# Fixed [RC] `Trash` button when no item selected
# Fixed [RC] `New` Menu Item Type `Next` button bug

20-Sep-2005 Levis Bisson
^ added a chmod to the install unlink function
# Fixed artf1150 : the created_by on initial creation of Static Content Item

20-Sep-2005 Marko Schmuck
^ Changed Time Offsets to hardcoded list with country/city names

20-Sep-2005 Rey Gigataras
# Fixed /installation/ folder check
# Fixed artf1153 : Quote appears in com_poll error
# Fixed artf1151 : empty span
# Fixed artf1089 : multile select image insert reverses list order
# Fixed artf1138 : Joomla allows creation of double used username
# Fixed artf1133 : There is no install request to make /mambot/editor

19-Sep-2005 Andrew Eddie
# Fixed incorrect js function in patTemplate sticky and ordering

19-Sep-2005 Rey Gigataras
^ Changed Overlib styling when creating new menu items
^ Additional Overlib info for non-image files and directories
^ 'Cancel' button for Media Manager
^ Option to run TinyMCE in compressed mode - off by default
# Fixed artf1111 : mosShowHead and the order of headers
# Fixed artf1117 : database.php - bcc
# Fixed artf1114 : database.php _nullDate
# Fixed TinyMCE errors caused by use of compressed tinymce_gzip.php
# Installed Editor Mambots are now published by default
# Fixed error in RSS module
# Fixed artf1106 : Default Editor Will Not Take Codes Like Java Script
# Fixed delete file in Media Manager

18-Sep-2005 Arno Zijlstra
# Fixed artf1084 :
stays in empty content
# Fixed artf1101: Typo in Global Config

18-Sep-2005 Andrew Eddie
# Fixed issues in patTemplate Translate Function and Modifier
# Fixed issue with patTemplate variable for Tabs graphics

18-Sep-2005 Rey Gigataras
# Fixed artf1046 : Menu Manager Item Publishing
# Fixed artf1036 : newsflash error when logged in in frontend
# Fixed artf1033 : madeyourweb template logo path
# Fixed artf1039 : & to & translation in menu and contenttitle
# Fixed PHP5 passed by reference error in admin.content.php
# Fixed artf1068 : live bookmark link is wrong
# Fixed artf1030 : Bug Joomla 1.0.0 Stable (un)publishing News Feeds
# Fixed artf1048 : Custom Module Bug
# Fixed artf1080 : Joomla! Installer
# Fixed artf1050 : error in sql - database update
# Fixed artf1081 : com_categories can't edit category when clicking hyperlink
# Fixed artf1053 : Can not unassign template
# Fixed artf1079 : com_weblinks can't edit links
# Fixed artf1029 : Site -> Global Configuration = greyed out top menu
# Fixed artf1064 : Deletion of Modules and Fix
# Fixed artf1052 : Double Installer Locations
# Fixed artf1051 : Copyright bumped to the right of the site
# Fixed artf1059 : component editor bug
# Fixed artf1041 : mod_mainmenu.xml: escape character for apostrophe missing
# Fixed artf1040 : category manager not in content-menu

17-Sep-2005 Levis Bisson
# Fixed artf1037: Media Manager not uploading
# Fixed artf1025: Registration admin notification
# Fixed artf1043: Template Chooser doesn't work
# Fixed artf1042: Template Chooser shows rogue entry



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